Finding the right lawyer to handle your case can be an intimidating task for many reasons.The Internet can be a great resource, but it can be full of lawyers who have impressive sites, professional credentials and success rates that exceed 98%. Friends can be a great resource too, but, while your friends may know many lawyers, they do not know the details of your case and the specific qualification of the lawyer they are referring to. Most people have never been personally through the litigation process so it would be difficult to select the right lawyer, especially when one does not have the knowledge of what the lawyer will do for them.

There is a lot of fear and anxiety with the litigation process. The search for the right personal injury lawyer to represent you is crucial, a decision that should not be made at the moment stimulus right after the accident occurred, it is likely that you are not in the best mental state to make a big decision as this. You may end up choosing the wrong lawyer. Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for a lawyer:


Look for a board certified attorney who has legitimate experience and a proven track record in court. Almost any lawyer can open a claim and negotiate. But when the insurance company or the adjuster refuses to negotiate in good faith or refuses to pay an appropriate amount the only course of action will be litigation.



Participating in the litigation process is exhausting. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and commitment to run through the gauntlet of the adversarial justice system and win. Insurance companies love to play hard and, sometimes, you can catch even the most experienced attorneys off guard. You need a lawyer that you like and with whom you get along well. To win, you need a solid game plan, trust, effective communication and the ability to work on a team. Go to your lawyer’s office, look at the infrastructure, get to know the employees and get to know each other. Make sure they are compatible so you can fight the battles to come up with a computer that is easy to use.


At the Kelly Huang Attorney law firm, there is no doubt that you get better results because of their reputation. The insurance companies know them and know that they are not going back. Ask about your lawyer, and investigate them and look for the company on the internet. Try to look for partners or even if possible, past clients that can give you a better knowledge of the company. Ensuring that your lawyer has a respectable reputation in the field of the subject matter of your case is extremely important as well.