Child custody is the hardest thing one can go through in the matter of divorce. It is related to the legal guardianship which means to have a practical or a legal relationship between a parent and a child or a guardian and a child. It is about making right decisions about the child and giving him physical care. Disputes regarding child custody are emotionally very draining. Parents fighting over child custody may have a very bad impact on a child. It makes them feel like a race trophy that everybody wants to win. For the cases of child custody, Australia has exceptional lawyers that help people in these matters.

child custodyMistakes made in child custody case:

  1. Anger and bad mouthing:

Parents bad mouthing each other has unhealthy consequences. One of which is the bad impact on the child as they never want to hear anything negative about both of the parents. Children always desire a peaceful resoluteness between the parents. Disrespecting each other before the child or convincing him/her that the other parent abandoned them to have a another family, or things like that, may weaken the relationship between a parent and a child. The other consequence is that court knows well that how much damage it does to children when there is an abusive fight between parents. Bad mouthing will surely make you lose a case. Even the slightest slip up to a child may end up the case even if you tell them not to say anything. Bad behaviour of one parent may force the children to tell about this to the other parent or any other family member. And this may help the other parent in arguments as to why they deserve to have a custody of the children.

Disobeying court’s order:

One of the worst things a parent can do while a custody case is to not obeying the court’s order which they make temporarily until the next hearing. Usually parents may send their children to the other state secretly or do not return them on a particular time or a day. This may make the other parent case stronger and they may bring the matter to the court that how the other party is violating the rules.

Not being honest about the drug issues or medical problems:

Another mistake people make during the child custody case is not being honest about the issues of drug or alcohol or about the diseases they have. Drug and alcohol abuse is the worst and first thing that other parent can claim in the court. It is important to be honest that what kind of drugs you’re using and in what context. If a parent has a rehabilitation evidence then he/she may not be less favorably in the eyes of court.

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