The Law Firm offers professional legal services at the highest level, observing standards in relation to legal competence, document management and confidentiality of cases.

The fundamental principles on which the Office’s activities are based are: professionalism, reliability and honesty in all manifestations and areas of undertaken activities.

The provision of legal services is always preceded by getting to know the specifics of the client’s business and understanding his expectations and needs, which allows him to choose the most practical solutions in a given situation. The best criminal lawyer comes from the criminal law monroe, ga now.

Civil And Family Law

Preparing projects of all types of contracts (letters of intent, agreements, named contracts, unnamed contracts), negotiations, real estate law, in particular proceedings regarding declaring prescription, abolition of joint ownership, establishing easement, resolving disputes between co-owners, eviction issues, protection of property and possession are there.

Then there are the matters concerning the rental of residential and commercial premises, matters relating to land and mortgage registration, matters relating to inheritance law (including identification of inheritance, affairs, invalid invalidity), family and matrimonial matters, including divorce, separation, annulment of marriage, alimony (for the benefit of children and spouse), deprivation, limitation. Last there is the entrusting of the exercise of parental authority, determination of the child’s place of residence, establishing contact with the child, division of the property of the spouses after the divorce, determination of the separation of assets marriage date retroactively, adoption, determination and denial of paternity, incapacitation.

Economic Law

comprehensive legal services for companies, registration of commercial law companies, consulting on current corporate matters, preparation of documentation related to shareholders’ meetings, as well as internal acts regulating the functioning of company bodies, mergers and transformations of companies, representation of companies in proceedings before commercial courts.

Criminal Law

cases in the field of criminal law, penal fiscal law, offenses and criminal enforcement, including carrying out the defense of a suspect, accused and defendant in a criminal trial – at any stage of the proceedings, including at the stage of pre-trial proceedings, appearing as the counsel for the aggrieved party, auxiliary prosecutor, private prosecutor and subordinate prosecutor, defending the convict at the stage of enforcement proceedings (e.g. postponement of the execution of the sentence, for conditional early release, for serving a sentence in the electronic supervision system), preparation of all types of pleadings (eg notifications of a crime, appeals, appeals, requests for reopening proceedings), representing clients in claims for payment compensation for wrongful conviction or unjustified detention.

criminal law monroe, gaCompensation

transport accidents, accidents at work, personal injuries, property damages, medical errors, assistance in obtaining medical records from hospitals, documents from court and prosecutor’s files, claiming compensation for damage suffered due to physical and mental suffering as a result of injuries sustained as a result of an accident or death of the closest person, reimbursement of hospital and non-hospital treatment costs, reimbursement of medicines, rehabilitation equipment, compensation of lost income, costs of third party care, reimbursement of travel expenses related to treatment, as well as visits of relatives, reimbursement of all costs related to the accident.

As example there are the costs related to treatment and rehabilitation, care for the injured, transport of the victim and his relatives, adaptation of the apartment according to the needs of the aggrieved party, as well as preparation for a new profession, one-off compensation.