In the United States, more than 6 million automobile accidents occur annually. They range from the edge of the wings to automobiles, which together lead to death. Every 13 minutes in the United States someone dies due to a car accident.

If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to remain calm and follow certain steps of what to do after a car accident reddit that can stabilize the victims and prevent an accident after an accident.

  1. Keep safety a priority

If drivers receive minor injuries, the cars should move away from the road, away from oncoming traffic. Additional accidents can occur if cars remain in the middle of the road or at a busy intersection. If cars are in a situation where they cannot be moved, stay in a car with a seatbelt fastened. Ask for help and wait. Turn on emergency lighting and, if you have cones or flashes, place them in clearly visible places.

  1. Store the emergency kit in the glove box

The kit is not only for first-aid items. The kit should include a pen and note paper, a disposable photo camera, a contact list for law enforcement (although 911 is the same as any other list) and a card with information on medical allergies and conditions that may be helpful for serious accident. Also, the flashlight should be in the glove compartment. Cones, warning triangles and emergency flashes are stored in the trunk.

what to do after a car accident reddit

  1. Exchange of information

Be sure to share all necessary information, including demographic information, insurance company and policy number, as well as the license plate number. Also make a description of each car, including make, model, year, etc., and draw the exact location and how it happened. It is important to maintain composure, but not to make mistakes or start a fight. In addition, if there are witnesses nearby, it is recommended that you obtain names and contact information to confirm the history of the incident.

  1. Take a picture of the accident

Nothing tells the auto damage story better than the image, document damage to all vehicles at different angles.

  1. Submit an accident report

A police report can do a lot to speed up the insurance claim process. This will be one of the first questions your insurance office will ask. Even if the police fail to appear due to the fact that no one was injured, you must submit it yourself, even if it is an accident report with a state vehicle.

Memorizing these 5 tips of what to do when you get in a car accident will help you get ready in case you have a car accident. Most likely, this happens at some point in your life best to be prepared.