A will is a written document by which you can transfer your property, money to the one you want to have it just after your death.

The term after death means if you living then that property is yours no one can do claim on that it is only possible to transfer if the person who wrote the will is no more. Many people think that there is no need for will they don’t know that verbal statements are not always valid especially in the case of disputes. If you are living in Hong Kong then you might have listened about will writing hong kong that is done with the help of attorney.

What is the ordinary power of Attorney?

The word ordinary power referred to the Enduring power, it is a written document in which a person authorizes any other one to manage the affairs that you are not able to handle. The enduring power of attorney hk can sign the document on behalf of you in case of urgency like the buying or selling of property and all work is happening on call, so the person that is authorized by you has right to sign on behalf.

enduring power of attorney hk

Content of will

There is four content of will these are as follows: –

  • Purpose: – It is the first that you have to know why you are transferring your valuable property to that person and what is the reason behind doing this. And if you died without any will than the distribution of your property will be done by court according to the applied law.
  • Considerations: – At this point, it is mentioned that in what portion you want to divide your property or belongings. It totally depends on you to choose the criteria, at this point attorney may give you a sample of sheet where you will get most of the thing to be covered while writing a will.
  • Executors: – it is a very important thing that you have to clear in your mind to which you are selecting as an executor because that one will be responsible to manage all that. And most importantly let your executor know about the place where you locate the will so that he may find it after your death.
  • Making charges: – You can do amendments in your will any time but remember to destroy the old one when the new will is prepared to avoid any chance of disputes. In all will you must have at least two witnesses who will sign the document in your presence.

Hence, you may find many reasons to make will by which your belongings will be safe after your death and there will be a person who can take care of that.