Driving after drinking is illegal, we all know that in the UK the punishment for driving while intoxicated can be severe. A ban on driving a car for 12 months, a fine of up to 5,000 or imprisonment for six months is a standard punishment imposed for a violation of traffic regulations — many people who have been involved in driving while intoxicated are deprived of a driver’s license. Driving while drunk is a serious crime, and people accused of committing such a crime should not think that they have no choice but to blame. It is imperative that you seek the opinion of an expert from the beginning of the charges. This guarantees that you get the best result, in addition to clarifying the evidence and presenting clear arguments.

Types of crime related to driving while drunk

In the United Kingdom, there are two types of crime related to driving while intoxicated. First, behind the wheel with excessive consumption of alcohol, and second, while driving is not suitable. It is essential to know what type of crime is attributed to determine the punishment you will receive if you plead guilty or if you are found guilty. The first load includes a breath test with a device to analyze the level of alcohol in your breath and compile a report of intoxication. The second charge does not require any scientific evidence and is based on a police statement about how he behaved or behaved to prove he can not drive a car. In any of the following events, the negative consequences of such a crime may continue for many years in your personal or professional life. Like, when applying for a job, a potential employer has the right to be aware of such belief.

drink driving solicitor

Excellent lawyer

Hiring an excellent lawyer to break the rules of the road is essential to overcome legal difficulties. A professional drink driving solicitor will present your case in court to reduce the penalty or sentence. A good lawyer who violates the traffic rules can strictly challenge the procedure or the technological evidence used by the police. Your particular arguments can convince the court to dismiss the case or to justify the accusation. It is difficult to defend a crime of this type, and only experienced professionals can face an unexpected step that can act against the favor of the prosecutor.

Advocates of drunk driving dealt with a wide range of cases related to driving offenses, and are well informed in all aspects of the automobile law. The use of a lawyer to commit a crime in your case is not always a costly proposition. Some attorneys charge a fixed fee for such a crime, and others offer free verbal advice over the phone. This is a small price to pay when the potential driving ban looms over you.

Drunk driving lawyers are experts in mitigation.

A car lawyer can agree to the charges to cancel the charges against you. However, it is equally important to choose a good lawyer. If you do not adequately investigate your representation, you may have a lawyer who does not have the necessary experience to deal with traffic offenses. Hiring a good car lawyer can be the difference between getting points and a ban.