According to John Hopkins University research, approximately 10% of all deaths happen due to medical errors. This horrible result says that more than 250 thousand people die due to medical malpractice each year.

On the other hand, even more, people end up with severe injuries due to these reasons. As you can see, it happens frequently, which is why you need to understand your rights as a victim.

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Here, we wish to present to you things you need to do if something like this happens to you.

1.Find another Health Professional

Since our health is the priority, we need to think about it. You must stop going to a doctor who made an error while treating or diagnosing you. It is vital to find someone who will correct this particular mistake and lead you towards getting better.

At the same time, the second doctor can quickly review your records and perform numerous tests during the diagnosis so that you can determine the exact array of errors that the first one had.

Afterward, you will start a treatment in which you will be better so that you can undo the issues caused by the malpractice.

In case the first doctor made a treatment error, have in mind that the second one will have more work because he/she had to handle the complications caused by a mistake while simultaneously trying to fix your current state.

However, if the problem lies in misdiagnosis, the treatment will be more convenient because the second doctor will focus on getting you the right treatment for the condition you have.

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2.Take the Medical Records

The next step that you have to make is to request all copies of your medical records correctly. Remember that by using them, you will be able to handle the malpractice case, which is why you will need to obtain it soon afterward.

In these documents, your attorney will find the specific information based on your symptoms as well as other things, including tests performed, medical history as well as prescribed meds.

The information could be used to prove that the doctor made an error, which is an essential part of your case. For instance, if you went to the ER because you experienced chest pain, the medical records will state that you have a history of heart issues in your family.

However, if the doctor did not perform the test to determine this particular problem and instead diagnoses you with anxiety, you will need these documents to prove that you do not have mental but cardiovascular issues.

Therefore, the documents will state that medical personnel were negligent because he/she failed to review your past conditions, which lead to severe consequences to your current health.

You will need to file these documents within the malpractice claim because healthcare providers may change the information, which is a felony. Even though it is illegal to falsify medical reports and records, some doctors did that to avoid liabilities.

3.Always Keep a Journal

In case you think that you were the victim of medical malpractice, you will need to keep a journal where you should note your current health condition from day to day.

At the same time, you should describe everything you are experiencing as well as other symptoms so that attorneys could compare your past state with the doctor’s diagnosis.

For instance, if you need to take medical leave due to faulty treatment based on the error, by writing this information down, you will have additional proof about it.

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We recommend you to write about your normal conditions so that you can present everything you endured due to malpractice. The entries are considered as relevant evidence for our case, which is why you need to add as many details as you can.