Finding a lawyer is very easy because you can find one online but they need to have experience in cases similar to yours and to be near your location. Everything depends on how serious the violation was because in some cases they will immediately send you to jail to get sober and suspend your license. You will be able to call an attorney which can save you a lot of time and additional fees.

You need to do your research before hiring and it would be best if you already know DWI lawyers in Syracuse or in any other place you made the violation. Most of them don’t have jury trial experience. Don’t hire the most expensive one because it doesn’t mean they are great for your situation. It’s better to ask them a set of questions and try to get free consultation.

What to Do First?

Every adult should know at least one attorney in their area that can help them out. The first step is to make a list of them that will be the best for you. There are many websites that are made for finding a lawyer in your area but some of them can use the platform to promote certain people. The ones that will matter to you are those who have specialized training in DUI law.

You may find a lot of people online but having personal recommendations from relatives or friends is much better. If you know someone that isn’t an expert in this field, they will probably know a colleague that can help out. Besides having the knowledge you can see if their past clients were satisfied. There will also be a difference in price if you are hiring someone that works for a firm.

Do Your Research

It’s important to do your own research when the list of potential candidates is made. Most lawyers now offer free consultation and you don’t want to waste it. Do background check on them because you don’t want to hire someone that lost half of their cases especially for DWI. They might represent themselves as the best but they need to have a license to be able to defend you in court. Read more here:

Feedback is another way to check how good they are. Most of them have websites where past clients can leave a comment or review. You shouldn’t hire the one that thinks he can manage every case. Focusing only on one field is much better because they get experienced much faster. When you find out all the information, you can start individual appointments from the top of the list.

In-person Consultation

Talking over the phone won’t mean a lot so try to set an appointment to discuss the case. They will have to provide some basic answers that will help you decide how to approach the situation. A deciding factor can be their personality. You need to feel good about working with them because cooperation is the key. They need to understand you in order to beat the case.

An interesting thing is that one of the arguments will be that the officer made an assumption because they don’t know you. Attorney’s job will be to represent you in the best manner. Ask them if they worked on the worst problem and how they usually deal with it. You can ask them about the number of criminal cases they had. They need to be available so you can call them if something new comes up.Click here to read more.

Hiring a Lawyer

When you know who to hire, discuss charges or rates for the DUI attorney. Those that work for a firm will be more expensive but they usually have more knowledge. You would want to know the rates for a trial and a plea bargain. Make sure it is written down so there won’t be added expenses when it is finished.

Another tip is to check if the lawyer had experience with the officer that made the arrest. If they know him from past cases, they can make a solid argument in your benefit. When the officer makes the same mistake there will be less chance that you will be charged.