Often it seems to be a difficult task when two people decide to separate. It is after careful consideration of both individuals’ happiness and future. Marriage is universally known as the binding of two different souls. But what happens when they are not content with each other? How do they feel when they are exhausted with the others’ behavior? Well, the decision is often permanent, yet mind consuming. Separation is the only way in which two people can seek the freedom which they don’t feel while together. Today, there are several people applying for divorce all over the world. The United States of America has the most number of cases. This is a long process that might take up to years depending on the cooperation between the two parties. For this procedure, it is important to contact and have a good lawyer who would take care of all the crucial matters. This is where Burwell Family Law is an expert. They have several years of experience in this field and they mainly deal with divorce in Houston Texas. Along with this, any legal or custody matters are also taken care of by this firm.

Divorce in Houston Texas

How do they manage?

It is the firms’ main expertise. They understand the circumstances which might have led to the decision of separation. It is difficult but crucial to have knowledge of all the processes that get involved. For the people and their families, it is a tiring effort. Thus, to make it easy and smooth, the Burwell Family Law firm takes all the measures. The cost of divorce in Houston Texas is charged at a very minimal rate as compared to other firms. It also depends hugely on the level of agreement that the couple wishes to have. There are several kinds of cases that have different guidelines so that there are no problems in the future. Let us look at each of them;

  • Agreed divorce: It is when the two parties reach a compromise and all the other issues are resolved by them. This involves the issues of children and availed properties.
  • In the case of no children and property: When the couple does not possess any asset nor have children. It normally costs around $500 to $750 in attorney’s fee.
  • For child support: if the two people have one or more children, they must be ready and agree to pay for supporting the child. The money as specified in the Texas family code should be compulsorily paid.

In case there is no full agreement:

This agrees for an original petition for divorce with a temporary restraining order. This will be the ground rules which the two parties must follow during the period. Following this, the court will set a date for hearing in which both individuals should be present. This is basically to bind the people and helping them restrict the decision to separate.