Choosing a personal injury lawyer in Perth now becomes more personal. Even though, the advertisements or recommendations from your family and friends can be helpful, you have to rely ultimately on your own judgment. You must have confidence in the attorney’s ability to represent your best interests. Here we have listed a few questions you need to ask before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Perth.

May I talk to a past client?

Do not hesitate to inquire for referrals from a potential personal injury lawyer. Hopefully, the lawyer will give you contact details for at least one happy former client. You should never rely solely on copying website or advertising materials-these may have been heavily edited.

What is my position in the litigation?

Make sure you understand your position in the case and what is to be expected of you before hiring a personal injury lawyer. In their situation, some people want to be really active, attending depositions and other meetings. Is your lawyer going to approve that? Those attorneys don’t. Most clients want to make their attorneys deal with the case and sit on the sidelines. Make sure you’re on the same page along with your personal injury lawyer on what your partnership would look like.

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Who is going to Handle My Case? 

Ask which lawyer at the personal injury law firm Perth will be handling your case. Many law firms tend to float senior lawyers in front of prospective clients who will never be heard again until the insurance agreement is signed. Also, ask whom you need to contact and who you would expect to talk to if you have questions about your case.

What is the Worth of My Case?

The personal injury lawyers you choose should know the worth of your case. At least, the attorney you hire should be able to provide a continuum and clarify how a settlement agreement or decision could affect different factors like arbitration, liability and pre-existing medical conditions. Conduct your homework and you should use your own judgment in evaluating allegations from a prospective lawyer. Be cautious of personal injury attorneys who make claims that sound totally impractical.

Whether you have handled any cases of personal injury close to that of mine before the Juries?

Never presume the personal injury lawyer who has never dealt with a case close to yours. Ask every prospective lawyer about their expertise and performance. If you have been injured in any slip & fall crash, you should not hire the personal injury lawyer who is only been involved in cases related to car accidents. Similarly, you need to avoid hiring the lawyer who focuses mainly on the workers compensation litigation for the auto-collision case.

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