Before choosing a Shawnee Defense Lawyer or elsewhere, it is good to know what the criminal law covers. This right governs the relationship of individuals to society. It symbolizes the response that the latter reserves to acts that it considers reprehensible, by classifying them as offenses and reserving penalties for them. These sanctions qualify 3 main types of acts and behavior, classified according to their seriousness: contraventions, misdemeanors and crimes.

When do you use a criminal lawyer?

Choosing a criminal lawyer is therefore useful when you or one of your relatives are confronted with what can lead to criminal proceedings: summons to the gendarmerie, indictment, police custody, invitation to appear criminal offenses also need to choose their criminal lawyer carefully to define the best line of defense.

  • The lawyer stands by the client’s side at all stages of the procedure, from the police investigation, to the appearance before the judge and the courts for the application of sentences. He knows the measures that can be taken at each stage to defend the rights of his client and influence the course of the procedure. He is able, for example, to have custody canceled when the accused’s right to consult him has not been respected.
  • The criminal lawyer also intervenes upstream of a trial, by gathering the evidence and documents necessary for the constitution of a file and the assembly of a plea. Any crime punishable by law such as theft, fraud or breach of trust is part of its areas of expertise. They are settled before a criminal court, a chamber specializing in criminal matters for instance. But the criminal lawyer may also be called upon to intervene for facts such as crimes or even in criminal business law.

In this field, the skills of the lawyer are acquired through a long practice of business law and criminal law. We are led to choose this criminal lawyer when we are implicated in a complex case, the investigation of which may be carried out by high authorities such as the financial brigade. This type of investigation can concern cases where important officials of the private or public sector can be blamed for serious facts, such as embezzlement, abuse of corporate assets, serious accidents at work.

How to choose this advice?

It is strongly advised to choose your criminal lawyer with care, given the stakes of the business, which often directly concerns the freedom to come and go of the accused persons.

  • We advise first of all, not to orientate yourself at random, but to find out about the causes already won by the specialist to whom you wish to entrust your case. The names of the best lawyers sometimes circulate by word of mouth, but are also relayed by professional rankings published by certain independent institutes.


It is also desirable not to limit yourself to the opinion of a single counsel, but to choose your criminal lawyer by meeting different professionals. This in order to collect several opinions on the same file. This also allows you to choose your counsel by ensuring that he has a good grasp of the techniques of criminal law by talking to you about your rights, from this stage. In fact, the rights of defendants and victims are often ignored by litigants during criminal proceedings. The lawyer often begins to defend them from the first meeting, by the importance of the information he gives them.