The ongoing pandemic has been difficult for people in different aspects like personal life and employment. College students have trouble landing a job after graduation or a mere internship. Employees face issues like wrongful dismissal because companies want to save as much money as possible. It affects the employees as the employers even breach the employment contracts in many cases. But, there is a ray of hope in these dark times – best employment lawyer singapore. Section 14 of the Employment Act protects people from such malpractices and, some great lawyers or law firms help as well.

  1. RBN Chambers 

They specialize in services like a breach of employment contracts, Work Injury Compensation Act disputes, Discrimination at the workplace, Workplace Harassment, and more. The lawyers are well-trained to represent the clients as they are all experienced.

  1. Farallon Law Corporation 

From wrongful termination to salary disputes to Employment contract disputes, they offer all services people might need. As an independent law firm, they deliver the best legal advice and services to their clients. From MNCs to small contractors, the lawyers are skilled enough to handle all cases. The head lawyer here is a brilliant person, certified to practice law in Singapore, New York, Hong Kong, England, and Wales.

best employment lawyer singapore

  1. TSMP Law Corporation 

Data privacy, harassment, non-competition, and dismissal at the workplace are this firm’s specialties. Besides employees, corporates also turn to this law firm for legal assistance. The firm was established in 1988 and has worked with big names like IBM for legal advisory. It makes them one of the best employment lawyer singapore houses.

  1. Rajah and Tann Singapore 

They specialize in employment appointment and termination services, policies, executive compensation, and more. They focus on providing seamless support to clients. The lawyers are well-trained to represent their clients against MNCs and small businesses. They have some of the most experienced lawyers in Asia.

  1. GJC Law 

They help people with various problems like commercial agreements, advising employees about their rights, libel, defamation, and reputation harm. They have experienced lawyers who are determined to help people and companies. They have assisted their clients with legal matters to manage, resolve, or settle the termination and disputes.

The pandemic has been tough for many people and businesses. Wrongful dismissal, harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, etc., have been observed a lot. So, people need the services of employment lawyers as they are experts in the field.