The picture of a large happy family in a frame on the table has always been a pleasant sight. There is an experience feeling of love, togetherness, affection, and oneness. Many are lucky, others are unlucky, and because they don’t even know what “family” is. Either they lost their parents in an accident, or they are raised by single parents. In most cases, children of divorced parents are numerous. A child who witnesses the separation of father and mother cannot bear the pain. As much as a single father tries to accommodate the love of both, empty space nests in his head. Happiness to eat together or go to church on Sunday mornings with mom, dad and brothers remains an unfulfilled dream for them, and they die with this dream.

However, it is worth noting here that if child maintenance Singapore for divorced parents goes smoothly, then at least their education will not be affected. Of course, the emotional side of life will not be re-occupied, but at least maintaining it will work as it should, thus ensuring a good and stable future for the child. Both parents have an equal say in child custody matters and both can declare that they are holding a child or children. Nobody has any special privileges to care for children. It is only when one parent is unable to continue parenting that the child is treated legally, thereby providing custody to the other parent who filed the complaint and demonstrating their ability to support the child.

In the Netherlands, divorced couples found it convenient to share parental responsibility through mediation, which also applies to Scheiden Purmerend. The residents of Purmerend have demonstrated to many hostile couples in and around their city that alimony is a matter that needs to be dealt with separately and unselfishly.

Alimony is compulsory until the age of 18. Until he reaches the age of majority, no attention is paid to the preferences of the child, because it is understood that the child is not yet mature enough to understand his own good. If the child is a minor, both parents must develop a parenting plan that includes everything from education to the cost of living. In a situation where divorced parents decide that their children will spend the same number of days at each other’s house, the cost of food is not limited to a fixed amount. Rather, several other factors come into play that leads to the calculation of costs. Under the supervision of a professional and unbiased facilitator, separated couples try to come up with a coherent parenting plan for their child, ensuring that their angel gets the very best.